Saturday, November 17, 2012

Big Test Ahead

Just  checked the Leeds fixture list and probably wished I hadn't  after seeing that we have a run of fixtures against probably the top 3 form teams in the league.

Crystal Palace , Leicester and Huddersfield are up next after tomorrow's tough fixture away to Millwall .The Huddersfield game in particular could be interesting to say the least with the added Grayson and Beckford factor  which will no doubt have some bearing on the final outcome .How many times do players score when they play against their former clubs and you can guarantee that Beckford will keep up that tradition It will be interesting to see if  he continues the current trend of former players not celebrating when they score against their old clubs .

What am I saying here? He is not going to score against us .We are going to grab 3pts against Millwall tomorrow , then go on to beat Palace Leicester and Huddersfield and be back in the promotion play off places .

Damn alarm clock just gone off , must have been dreaming .Never mind good while it lasted back to reality now and the Millwall game only just over 24 hrs away .Back to work on Monday after a weeks holiday , so come on lads don't make it any harder than  it's going to be already .

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